Adamo Fiber Internet operator / Operador de fibra óptica

Press Conference in Santander for Adamo with the President of the Community, Miguel Angel Revilla. I was the MC.

La Rueda de Prensa de Adamo en Santader con el Presidente de la Comunidad Autónoma. Yo moderé la rueda.

Adamo, a Swedish owned fibre internet Company based in Spain hired my services for the PR to communicate their deployment in 100% of towns and municipalities in the Santander region. This would be a first in Spain. Adamo is relatively unknown but has the fastest internet speeds in Spain. A regional operator, it focuses on highly populated new urban areas as well as on rural areas. They go where others do not.

It was my responsibility to organize a press conference in Santander together with the local government and partners. The press conference and activities had 2 objectives; to get as much press coverage as possible both locally and nationally on the deployment of the network but also to serve as Adamo’s press debut.

For this I also organized a press trip, bringing telco journalists from nationwide media based in Madrid. My main tasks were the press release, the presentation, the q +`as document, the press trip, a press dinner, the invitations, press materials, decoration and all the logistics. There was a hitch the afternoon before the press conference when the local government filtered the main news. Thus together with the team I had to come up with other news and redo all the documents at the very last minute.

I chose to do the dinner at the delightful restaurant Deluz and the cocktail was held on the lawn suitably decorated with flowers and Adamo branded balloons which would be let off at the end of the night. For the press conference I chose the magnificent Palace of the Magdalena, a symbol of the region.  I also moderated the press conference and question and answer session, which was attended by the local government with all the protocol that requires.

At the end of the project I drew up a media coverage report. To get the clippings and their values, I got Adamo to hire the services of JP Media. The results for a relatively unknown company and brand were spectacular. I garnered 10 offline and 118 online clippings, as well as 3 local TV and 3 local radio reports. This all amounted to approximately 308.000 euros in equivalent advertising spend. The objectives were more than fulfilled and I had one happy customer in Adamo.

Press conference / Rueda de Prensa

Press materials / Materiales de prensa

The journalists from Madrid who came on the press trip. Los periodistas de Madrid del viaje de prensa.

Some of the press clippings / algunos de los recortes de prensa